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Automated Bagging Equipment from CBE

gross weigh open mouth bag filler

Auger Fed Automatic Bagging Machine and Gross Weigher


portable automatic bagging plant

Bag Palletizer

Pallet Loading

Pallet Wrap Machine

Open Mouth Bagging Equipment for Every Application

Built in the USA for Durability, Accuracy, and Fast Cycle Times

  • Ice bagging equipment
  • Mulch bagging equipment
  • Plastic pellets bagging equipment
  • Rock bagging equipment
  • Salt bagging equipment
  • Sand bagging equipment
  • Seed bagging equipment
  • Soil bagging equipment
  • Sugar bagging equipment
  • Wood pellets bagging equipment
  • Aggregate bagging equipment
  • Cake mix bagging equipment
  • Cement bagging equipment
  • Compost bagging equipment
  • Corn bagging equipment
  • Deer corn bagging equipment
  • Feed bagging equipment
  • Fertilizer bagging equipment
  • Flour bagging equipment
  • Grain bagging equipment
  • Gravel bagging equipment

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Providing innovative and reliable bagging systems for companies like yours since 1978.

These types of bags provide a versatile means to package virtually any type of product. It has one open end through which product is filled through a large throated spout. The bags are filled with specialized filling machines that are classified simply enough as open mouth bag fillers. Filling and sealing these bags is a two-step process. During the filling process, the open end of an empty bag is placed underneath the filling spout. The spout slips inside the bag’s open end and is securely clamped to prevent product spillage during the filling process.

After the bag is filled, the bag is sealed or closed with either a hot melt glue sealer, plastic bag sealer or bag sewing machine. Open mouth bags are commonly used to contain and transport material such as dry powders and granular products, examples of which are food products, chemicals, seeds, grains, fertilizers & landscaping products. They are constructed of a variety of materials paper, plastic film and plastic woven mesh.